YouTube Video Is Too Big And Covers My Blog


So you have your blog set up, and now you want to upload a YouTube Video onto your blog page. However when you do this it appears too big and covers other information within your page. Here are a few simple steps to solve this problem when using WordPress. For anyone who does not know what WordPress is, it is simply a way of designing and making a blog for your own personal or business use. Other Blogging websites which are also quite good are Blogger/blogspot, LiveJournal, Vox, Blogsome, Xanga and even Facebook is starting to host its own blog, although a lot of work is still need there.

For all intensive purposes I have used WordPress for this particular example, but the same principles will apply for all blogging websites when you wish too upload your video from YouTube.

1. When you find the Video you wish too upload, simply go to the bottom of the video and press Embed

2. This will display an embed code.

3. Within the embed code you will see e.g. Width=”650″ and Height=”380″ or similar

4. Simply alter these figures to make suitable for your blog. Generally it is the width which is normally the problem.

5. Copy the embed code and proceed to your Blog page

6. Proceed to the upload post and press HTML.

7. Press Link and paste the new Embed Code.

8. Press Publish

9. Done

This will essentially shrink the video to the required size, for publishing on your blog.


Source by Jason Brody

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