Writing For Money With a Blog? 5 Must Have WordPress Plug-Ins


Blogs are an excellent way to market a product and build your brand when you are writing for money. The search engines love blogs because they are updated more regularly than a website. Most blogs also contain more relevant information regarding a niche than simply pushing a product or service. Readers are attracted to blogs for the same reasons.

WordPress is the leader in blogging platforms. They offer both a free.com and a.org which you can host through a service like GoDaddy or Hostgator. You can literally start a blog on any given subject within a matter of minutes. You must however, do some work to get your blog in front of your target audience and build a trusting relationship so they keep coming back. One way of doing that is through the standard means of good on page and off page SEO, backlinking and submitting your RSS feed. But WordPress also has hundreds of additional plug-ins to help enhance the look and visibility of your blog. There are 5 plug-ins that most every WordPress blog owner should have on their blog to help give the search engines what they want and build a relationship with their readers.

AddToAny – This places a simple widget so your readers can easily subscribe to your blog feed.

All In One SEO Pack – Automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for the search engines. This plug-in also allows you to set meta-tag descriptions and keywords separate from what is on the content page for each post.

Easy Privacy Policy – This is just another one of those quirks that Google absolutely loves. Readers are more and more concerned over their Internet privacy and rightfully so. This plug-in gives you a per-formatted privacy policy for your blog. The format is fully customizable as well.

Google XML Sitemaps – By far the easiest way for Google to crawl your blog. Give them exactly what they want to see.

What Would Seth Godin Do? – What can you say, Seth Godin is like a Google God. New visitors to your blog see a small welcome banner above the post asking them to subscribe to your RSS feed. After they visit 5 times, the message disappears. Ingenious.

This is only a handful of the plug-ins available to WordPress users. I encourage you to check out all of their options under the plug-in tab of your WordPress blog. These five here will give you a great start in giving the search engines the information they need to find your blog. You also begin to build a trusting following and relationship with your readers. Get your blog seen, build relationships and your writing for money business will flourish.


Source by Kenneth Delbert Crawford

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