WordPress Web Design Leaves the Competition Behind


If you are thinking about having a website designed in anything other than WordPress, put the project on hold and finish reading this first. Some of those other programs may look great, but it is purely cosmetic. When you want something that looks great and will get you noticed by Google, there is simply nothing better than a WordPress web designer.

WordPress has not been out as long as some of the other website design programs, but it has made up for lost time and has taken over as the best available platform for websites. There are two things that are very important when it comes to a Web site: professional look and ability to get ranked. When looking at both the best looking websites and the highest ranked, WordPress seems to be what they all have in common.

The problem with a program like Dreamweaver is that it is very complicated to use and unless some programming skills are already known, it is not very search engine friendly. Doing things like adding pages and making sure that the right meta tags have been placed is something that the everyday Web site owner may not be very familiar with. They can just as easily mess their site up as accomplish the task that they are trying to achieve.

While Dreamweaver and flash will cost a Web site owner thousands of dollars in software fees if they want to be able to edit their own website, WordPress software is 100% free and anyone can learn the editing aspect of it by merely having their own blog. While it is always recommended that a professional Web site designer do the initial programming, once that is done, they should be able to update and edit the site themselves.

In addition to all of this, search engines like Google absolutely love WordPress websites. WordPress had a huge advantage in that search engines were much further along than they were when programs like Dreamweaver were written. WordPress has been able to break down exactly how the search engines work and create their platform to take advantage of everything that the search engines look for.

The bottom line is that without WordPress, a Web site runs the risk of just falling by the wayside with all of the other sites that are out there. The decision is yours, choose WordPress and get to the first page of Google or pay thousands more for a Dreamweaver site and have the ability to say that your site holds up the rest of the sites in your niche because it is ranked dead last.


Source by Gerald McConway

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