WordPress Vs Blogger – Ultimate Comparison


When you have so many utilities to run your blogs you have several thoughts in mind as well, these thoughts initiate from the point which is better and which is not. Well, even in the case of the WordPress and Blogger similar situation is being considered and to eliminate all kinds of confusions from your mind and to help you make a better decision we have provided below a complete guide of comparison between the two platforms.

Ownership of the Website

When you make your website over Blogger you enjoy numerous benefits which are much reliable, however, one thing that may be a turnoff for this platform is the matter of ownership. Blogger is owned by Google and you never know when it shuts down your website leaving you in the middle of the worst situation.

However, when you use WordPress, you are in a position to enjoy reliable and long term benefits from your website. You are the owner of your website and it is entirely depending upon you that how long you need to drag the website and when to shut.

Control of the Website

When you consider the control level in the context of Blogger all you come across is a limited choice of options. You have either little or no opportunities to enjoy extensions and add life to your website.

However, while you are using WordPress you have the ability to add as many extensions you want. The platform offers unlimited freedom and the numerous plug-ins on the part of the platform offer you a great deal of convenience oriented features.

Layout of the Website

When you consider the layout of the website you are operating you may wish to add colors, templates and themes within it. However, when you are using the Blogger platform for the website you will have limited options and you have a frame of certain themes of which you have to make a selection without any modifications.

Whereas, when it comes to the WordPress you have hundreds of options to consider in terms of layouts, the colors, the templates and the modification of appearance is all in your hands and may be adjusted as per your wishes.

Portability of the Website

When you think of moving your website in terms of Blogger you are at a risk of losing your SEO rankings in some or the other way, moreover, the data of your website remain on the Google directory for a very long period.


Source by Moazzam Ali Qureshi

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