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It’s a known fact that one of the best ways to learn anything is by watching video. So if you want to learn WordPress web design it seems logical to use a tutorial video system for your training. Building a website is really not that difficult; but building a quality website that allows you to get discovered online can be a little tricky.

There are many ways to build a website and there is some fantastic Web Content Management Software available to assist you. In this article we will look at some important considerations when planning to build your first site which include the following:

1. Why use video to learn how to build a website

2. What is WCMS

3. A look a WordPress

4. Building your first website

Learning to build a website using video tutorials

People are visual and we all love to watch. When you think about the popularity of YouTube you begin to get an idea of the power of video. So what better way to learn how to build a website then watching how it’s done in a step by step fashion.

Video is the ideal learning medium because you get to watch how something is done, and then repeat it yourself. Books and manuals can be cryptic and confusing at times for some of us; but video is clear and concise. When you learn by video you have the advantage of visually seeing exactly whats going on-assuming of course the video itself is of quality.

If you take a moment and think about all the times you sought out a video for some type of training or instruction on how to do something, you’ll agree that videos are a great resource and training tool.

What is Web Content Management Software (WCMS)

Web Content Management System, or software can actually be broken down into two parts, the web management platform and the software; each is inclusive within it’s brand. All WCMS software does the same thing essentially; it provides you with an easy to use environment to create and manage content, video and photos.

The software collects everything you input into a database which then spits it out onto a web page based on a theme. WordPress is a brand, just as Drupal or Joomla are also brands. These three are among the most popular WCMS platforms used by beginners and even seasoned web developers.

You can build a website using any software platform you choose. And, there are many others too, such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual and even a free scaled down HTML editor such as Kompozer.

It’s easy to get dizzy when deciding on which software to use when building your first website, so here’s a recommendation.

Using WordPress to build your first website

WordPress has separated itself from the pack. It has become one of the most popular web building software platforms in the world. Some statistics show that over 54 million people currently use it. This is not by any small accident. The reason millions of people, beginner and advanced, have flocked to this software is because it simply works-and it works well.

Why people love WordPress

  • It’s free: There are two version of the software. The first version is free and anyone can sign up on the main WordPress site and acquire a free blog. You get what’s known as a sub-domain name which they will host for you. It’s a fully functional version of the software with some minor restrictions. The second version is self hosted; meaning you will have to purchase your own domain name prior to loading up the software platform.
  • Ease of use: The software is very easy to use. Of course there is a learning curve but once you study and learn all of the many facets of the program you will be up and running in no time.
  • Flexibility: You can do pretty much anything you want in terms of your web design. There are tons of plugins available for you so you can customize your site as much as you desire. There are thousands of free and paid themes for you to choose from so you can build and tweak everything to suit your taste.
  • Support: There is an amazing support group always available for you at the click of a mouse. WordPress forums abound online, any you will never be left out in the cold when you run into a problem or need help.

These are just a few of the obvious advantages of choosing WordPress to build your first website.


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