WordPress – Today’s Successful Business Depends on Successful Website Building


Your business will be enhanced by a successful website. A properly built website is a key to small business marketing in today’s competitive environment. A key part of having the website is getting traffic to it. Business owners without a website know they need one yet most business with websites fail to see the expected results of putting a website online – yet they know they need a website.

“If You Build It They Will Come” – not exactly. Most sites get built and sit quietly – lonely on the web because the “Field of Dreams” mystic plan just didn’t work and even after several years Shoeless Joe Jackson hasn’t shown up to do business with you and neither did any new customers. The fact is the site has to be built properly and marketed, it is one of many products on the internet, it must be marketed like any other product.

If you build with WordPress you will have a leg up with the marketing part. WordPress has built in features that make it reach out and grab traffic when setup properly and given just a little help. Setting up a WordPress site is easy compared with a traditional site and it will be easy for you to update. You may be concerned that WordPress is ‘Blog’ software when you just want a website. In reality, WordPress can be both and best of all it is free.

The home for WordPress is WordPress.org, you can download the package and find a full tutorial on installation. When you install WordPress it’s important to get key plugins like “All In One SEO,” Social Bookmarking Widget, and a sitemap generator. You can easily connect with these plugins by Googleing the terms along with “WordPress plugin.” If you get stuck, just type your question into Google, there is no shortage of good WordPress information on the net.

If you want a website that is ready to grow – with people who are ready to buy finding your business on the web and coming to you – a site that is in the top percentiles on the web for traffic. It is an achievable goal with a WordPress site. A website that will work and bring value to your business and not just be another expense for something that you know you have to have like that yellow pages ad that doesn’t deliver the way it used to.


Source by Michael Griffin

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