WordPress Remix 3.0


In a nutshell WordPress Remix 3.0 is a fully customizable web design program that uses WordPress as its foundation. It claims to allow any person to create compliant, quality websites in minutes thereby saving valuable time, money and maybe most of all frustration. The program works by simply creating a page and then inserting a page layout (there are over 20 layouts to choose from) which can be edited to suite specific needs. If a person wishes different header and sidebar options can be selected from drop down menus and then it’s simply a matter of publishing the page. Creating and editing pages is like a CMS (web content managing system) but using WordPress blog.

The program claims to benefit Web Site Owners, Web designers and Web developers. Web Site Owners using this product might have more time tweaking their site instead of struggling with FTP issues and using complex CMS software. Web designers needn’t worry about coding pages from scratch, SEO and cross browser compatibility but instead can concentrate on actual design. Web developers can choose from various possible layouts without the worries of designing them from scratch and solving bugs for example.

WordPress Remix 3.0 offers a wide variety of features, the list almost too long to mention. These include a complete CMS feature using a WYSIWYG editor so no more hassles using code, over fifty page layouts that covers almost any theme, flexibility in order to have the same sidebars for all pages, drop down menus and even the ability to insert PHP and Java Script modes from the visual editor. The product is pre configured and pre formatted to accommodate most famous plugins. Included in the package is a resources section where various free ad-ons, more color schemes and tutorials can be found. Any questions or support a person requires is dealt with in the form of a support forum which is absolutely free. Any future technical upgrades of WP Remix theme are totally free forever.

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