WordPress Publishers, This is a Must Read!


Web Forms are a great way to find out what your readers think, want, and are interested in. Finding this out by lack of readers is too late and you will not get a second chance.

Keeping your content interesting is always a good practice, but if you do not have a keen sense of what your readers want, you will loose them. This has been a major pitfall for many content providers.

By using forms on your pages, you can provide a way to see the real deal. What would you like to see on my site, How can we help you better than we do, what sort of problems can we help you with. Virtually any number of statistics can be gathered in a form on your pages, and analyzed.

WordPress technically displays dynamic pages, as the content can change anytime. Well so does the needs of our visitors, whom have only a comment or a post to communicate with.

With a form, you can intelligently capture and then organize the suggestions by category, and subject matter. Emails and posts are time consuming, and require lots of intervention, where a form can be automated to make the process what it should be. Evaluate content requests for possible action.

A truly dynamic environment, where users can easily get their ideas across to their content providers. So, by giving them a tool to collect their ideas, and content provider tools to sort and process them makes your site very desirable.

For Most Word Press publishers, these tools usually require a great deal of technical prowess to accomplish this, and most of them are limited to plugins and the like, so they would need to hire a programmer.

Fortunately there are some new plugins that cater to that very need, and I have been fortunate to utilize them, and it has made a remarkable difference to my subscribers.

By providing a flexible fabric of content that your readers can interact directly with a content provider, they feel as though they are part of the team, and contribute much more value back into your site.

Creating pages on request, based on user input ? 10 people are asking for more information on bankruptcy, 35 for Foreclosures. You run your reports, and see what are the top needs. You do not have to read 35 posts, and comments, interpret what they are talking about, it can all be summed up.

If they do not see what they want they will leave your site, and you want to keep their eyes on your pages, and the way to do that is give them what they want. As this technology evolves, you will see automatic content creation come into your site, by user request.

You are not going to read every post and comment to check what people are asking for. That in itself would be a full time job, so let technology feed the needs of your user community.


Source by Thomas Westervelt

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