WordPress – Pros and Cons For Starters


There are literally dozens of different blog systems. Therefore the first question a blogger stumbles upon is which blog software might best suit his or her needs. Definitely the most spread free blog system is WordPress. This article is supposed to give an overview about advantages and disadvantages of the blog program on a novice level. WordPress offers a simple, clutter-free solution for all your blogging needs. You can easily administer your blog by changing themes and settings with only one or two clicks. The software is Open Source making it free to use. Therefore you can easily make your own opinion about it without having to pay any money. Here are the two main aspects that make this blog system so versatile:


There are dozens of websites just collecting and maintaining WordPress themes. Whereas some people want money in return there are hundreds of unique, free and great looking themes out there. They are easy to install and a major plus for everybody who is not familiar with XHTML and CSS.


What makes WordPress so great is the possibility to enrich your blog with plugins. Again it is easy to find plugins for any need on the web. Setting them up is just as hazel-free as changing your complete theme. Plugins can make your blog stand out from the crowd. WordPress itself comes in a very light design and without too much features too distract the user. It is therefore ideal to start with. When you progress and become more advanced you will most certainly add some plugins to your blog.

To get a WordPress blog online you need to buy web space for hosting. The ease to administer and change your blog still requires some (yet minimal) effort in uploading and changing files on your hosted space. Therefore if you lack even basic knowledge about hosting, FTP and do not ever want to edit a PHP file you might think about a different solution. There are many blog hosters that allow you to start a blog without having to host anything online yourself. This often comes with a price (not your own top level domain, advertisements from the provider etc.) but can get you started instantly and is even more beginner friendly than setting up WordPress. Yet if you have gained the basics you need to take a glance at it. Its versatility is just endless and lots of communities have come up where you can get help with follow WordPress users.


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