WordPress Product Review Site – How to Earn the Trust of Your Visitors and Increase Conversion Rate


Building product review site is a great way to promote and sell products. Numerous affiliates use product review sites to make landing pages in order to launch their new campaigns. Some works like a charm and help the affiliates earn tons of sales commissions. But some end up with failures. Why?

When people visit your review site, they can have an adverse effect. They know you are trying to sell something to them and their resistance will probably be elevated. How can you eliminate their resistance and earn their trusts?

The idea is that you give the customer unbiased reviews of the product they are interested in. Be honest when you give them your reviews. You should talk about the pros and the cons and it will make the readers feel like you’re giving them an honest review. If you give every product 100 scores without any negatives, your readers won’t trust in you.

Another way is to let the users of the product comment on the products and enable your visitors see all the comments! People would like to know what the existing users think about the products. If the comments are positive, your visitors probably purchase. And then you earn the sales commissions.

So I suggest you use WordPress to build product review sites which enables your visitors leave comments. WordPress is very easy to set up and use. You can build a product review site in half an hour. Furthermore, you can use thousands of plug-ins to support your WordPress review sites.

Furthermore, you can find a plug-in that enables your visitors to rate the products. Then other visitors would know what ratings other users give to the products. You can image the impact on the visitors who are interested in the products you promote. It will highly increase your conversion rate!


Source by Jovi W

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