WordPress Permalinks – How to Use Permalinks in WordPress to Make More Money Blogging


I’m going to talk about a simple way to make your blog much more SEO friendly than most other bloggers out there. We are going to change the structure of your blog’s permalinks in an attempt to get not only more traffic to your money making blog, but also more targeted visitors.

Permalinks are the web address of individual posts and pages and the default WordPress blog simply uses numbers to give your writings a link. We’re going to change that so that we get some keywords in the web addresses of everything we write without having to do any editing ourselves.

In the admin panel, scroll all the way down to “Settings” and click “Permalinks”. We are going to create a custom permalink structure so in the box labeled “Custom Structure”, copy and paste this code:


This way, your domain name is followed by the category separated by dashes and that is followed by the title of the post itself separated by dashes. Why is this brilliant? Well, in the future, when someone types into their search engine a query that includes some of the words in your permalink, Google is going to place your post higher in their search results than if you simply had the number of the post in your permalink. Plus, it tells your reader more about what your post is about and how it’s categorized, doesn’t it?

Everything you should be doing for your blog should have your readers in mind if you really want to earn a living blogging. So adding this simple step of changing your permalinks could make all the difference in the world to them so you know it’s worth doing.


Source by Keith D. Michaels

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