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WordPress is in fact one of the most widely used open source application for publishing blogs. It is used by more than 200 million websites around the world. There are many factors leading to this widespread popularity of WordPress. There are a lot of free WordPress plugins available which incorporates various extra features to your WordPress blog site. The WordPress PayPal plugins enables bloggers to integrate PayPal with their WordPress blog site so that their users can make donations and payments via this PayPal application from their blog.

WordPress plugins are programming codes that are written to enhance the features of the existing WordPress. Such plugins will not alter the basic WordPress program but modifies them with a view to incorporate additional features to it. It is difficult to catch up with each of these users and design plugins to satisfy their personalized needs. But, the number of WordPress plugin developers have also seen a gigantic increase and therefore resulted in the release of more and more unique codes which are targeted at a wider range of audience.

There has always been numerous plugins available which enables various bloggers to conduct online sales through their sites. The WordPress PayPal plugins have made this process complete and easier. There are various advantages in integrating PayPal with your WordPress blog site. If your site is an online shopping blog site, your customers can make their payment through the PayPal application available in the site. This makes things easier for them, since they do not have to redirect themselves to the PayPal site to make the payment.

Another important feature is that such plugins can be installed in just a few easy steps and do not require any expert assistance. This application is highly market oriented, so that it enables the blogger to customize the site depending on the applications he needs to incorporate.

This plugin comprises a whole new lot of features which is capable of turning a standard WordPress blog into a fully fledged online shopping site. This has allowed bloggers to use their WordPress blogs as a powerful tool to promote their site and thus promote their products and services. There are certain blogs which are set up for a noble cause. Such blogs urges visitors to make donations for the cause. The WordPress PayPal plugin can make things easier for them since donations can be made right from the blog itself.


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