WordPress Membership Websites – 5 Great Ideas For Making Money Online


Before we start to build our membership websites we should ask ourselves, “Why would people want to pay money to be part of our group?” What will they gain by paying a fee to gain access to our site?

The short answer has to be that they’ll gain information from our website that they feel they couldn’t get elsewhere. It has to be both topical and interesting, and also presented in a way that keeps them wanting to come back for more.

The following ideas will give you a solid start and from here you can develop your own ideas that will make for a profitable membership website. Below, we offer the outline of an idea, a “project brief” if you like, so that you can take the idea and turn it into something all of your own. Take these outlines and ask yourself, “What can I offer that will give my members the answers they’re looking for in these areas?”

Fashion Tips

Today, men and women both are intent on maintaining their appearance; they both want to look stylish without looking strange. They want to be contemporary but don’t really want to be too “cutting edge” either. In short, they want to dress well and most people aren’t confident about choosing clothes and styles that are flattering as well as stylish. How can we help solve this problem?


Nowadays people move around the country; or even between countries, for all sorts of reasons. People move because of their jobs and professions, because of family or education, or even just because they fancy the change. Relocating is a subject that is fraught with no end of problems. People who have relocated can help those who are about to relocate. Ask yourself, “What advice can I research and offer my membership that would make this problem easier to deal with?”


There are all kinds of sites where people can book flights and reserve hotel rooms but there aren’t many sites where travelers can exchange information about their travels. Create a site that will allow people to share comments, ideas, and a section on “how to avoid these top 5 problems” will help your membership enjoy their travel experience.


The most important job on earth that we’re ever likely to face is bringing up children. New parents have no end of questions and those who have been doing it for a while have most of the answers. Bring these two groups together, throw in some advice from grandparents, and add a FAQ’s section; and you have a ready made template for membership website success.

Online Gaming

There are whole groups of people, young and not so young, who are so “into” online games that it demands all of their time and attention. The only thing that gamers like better than playing online games is talking about playing online games. They like to exchange information about the online games that they play, the strategy they use, the scores they have, in fact anything at all to do with their on-line world. Create a safe space and provide them with that opportunity.

These are just 5 ideas that you can use, or use them as a basis for ideas of your own. That’s the beauty of membership websites, there are so many different kinds of “communities”; and different people will like different ones for all sorts of reasons. If you use any of the ideas here, or come up with an idea that’s completely your own, the great news is that there will be people who like it and want to share that experience with others who like the same thing.


Source by Gordon J McKay

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