WordPress Membership Site Plugin – Magic Members Review


The Magic Members plugin is a WordPress plugin which includes multiple features. The plugin is met to be an easy membership feature which allows the user to have multiple membership levels. These levels include; Silver, Gold and Platinum. For users who have membership sites, they will be able to control different levels of the membership site such as a download area. This feature has the ability to increase the number of memberships a user has. The plugin also has the ability to turn an existing blog into a membership site.

Magic Members comes with a variation of flexible membership options. The user will be able to set different membership billing options while allowing an unlimited amount of subscriptions. The billing system is able to charge subscribers daily, weekly, monthly or annually (yearly). There are multiple methods a subscriber can use to pay for their subscription. The plugin allows the owner of a blog to decide the methods of how members can pay. ‘Premium memberships pay annually while “Standard” memberships pay monthly.

Payment integration modules are also available. Blog owners can allow members to pay for their membership using some of the most popular payment systems including (Paypal, WorldPay, Authorize.Net and Epoch). Users are able to set up their membership site where only one payment system is allowed. A simple deactivation of the other payment system allows users to customize their payment options.

Some users want their subscription list to have an expiration list so it can be updated. This can be done with the ‘control subscription length’ feature. Users can now control how long memberships are valid along with having a membership expiration. This feature is mostly used for ‘trial’ and limited memberships. Usually trial memberships are set up to give a member temporary access to features and content on the website.

Users of this plugin can also take control of what their members see by using the ‘Login redirection’ feature. This feature allows members to login and see certain welcoming pages. Different membership levels can see certain pages and is a good way to update members on news and welcome messages.

A Sequential Course Delivery System is included so certain members experience a delay before seeing content or articles. The blog owner can store articles and then deliver them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to members.

Other prominent features include; controlled content, partial content display, pay per post access, blog protection, custom error pages, secure RSS tokens, download manager, simple member management, autoresponder integrations and press forum integration.

Blog owners can make money with the Magic Members because users are able to add content. Google loves fresh content and will reward websites with a ton of traffic if content is regularly produced. Autoresponder integrations makes it easy to advertise to subscribers, thus making the blog owner more money.


Source by Jason W Keith

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