WordPress Locked Me Out – My Blog is Gone, Now What Do I Do?


Wow, I just got the most frantic email from a friend, apparently WordPress had cut their blog, leaving them high-and-dry. All their blog pictures and information gone, but luckily they still had the Microsoft Word Files they used to create most of those blogs. They were crying, 2-years worth of work, posting nearly 3-times per week. They were hysterical and stated; “WordPress Locked Me Out, Now What Do I Do?”

Well, why not take all your old content and make all those blogs into online articles. In other words, take those 150-200 word blog posts and tighten them up a little and add in some information, update them and turn them into online articles. Make them between 350-450 words; combine them when you can, where it makes sense to do so, in order to reach the proper word count.

Next, post them at the top online article submission site. Be sure not to post them at a new un-established online article website, as they come and go, and you are liable to have it all deleted when the website goes offline, kind of like what happened to my friend with her WordPress Blog!

After she told me of this total calamity, I did some research and some 70,000 blogs were turned off? OMG can you even imagine how upset some people will be? I bet there are even suicides over this, folks are going to go ballistic, and if my friend was any indication I hate to think there are 69,999 other people out there with the same problem to boot!

Look, I know how folks feel about this, because I often provide content for people who own blogs, they pay me to re-write their material, well, because they are not very good writers. I know many of my clients and former clients are going to be very upset, very-very upset in fact. But, since I once had an Online Forum hacked down, I know how upsetting this can be. This is why I fully recommend going to the top online article website and post all your blog posts.

Here is the deal, I have some 20,800 online articles I’ve written, and I’d never trust a blogging network with my material or put it all in one place. You see, I want my material where it is safe, and where the most people will see it. Remember since there are so many blogs, most of them don’t get nearly the traffic count needed to make them worthwhile. Please consider all this and transfer your content today!


Source by Lance Winslow

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