WordPress, Joomla Or Drupal Templates For Your Website


“Which is the perfect content management system for my new website, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?” For a web developer, this is probably the most frequent question asked all through his career span. On the contrary, learning the answer to this question is extremely important for the new online marketers looking out for different ways to highlight their online presence.

Well, the answer is a bit confusing as all webmasters have different views about the three CMS systems. This difference in their opinions simply baffles the online marketers further, making it a lot difficult to make their own choice for their websites. Well, here below is a small review about the three CMS systems and their easily available templates.

WordPress: For most webmasters, WordPress is the first choice for all their online marketers and other clients. The reason being, it is simple, easy to install, extremely user-friendly and offers its users a range of plug-ins and customized templates for their new websites. You do not require any technical guidance or support for managing your WordPress powered website.

However, using too many WordPress plug-ins in your website or blog may cause certain PHP errors or even crash your website.

Joomla: Another highly preferred content management system, Joomla is specifically designed for the huge masses. This new CMS system recently became extremely popular mainly due to its classy visual interface. The system like WordPress is easy to install and also offers a variety of plug-ins for additional function in your website. You can also avail various Joomla templates on the web for giving your website a fresh new look.

On the contrary, the Joomla CMS system and templates is perfect for only those online marketers who have some technical skills on managing websites and its content. The system is a bit complex than WordPress.

Drupal: The latest CMS launched after WordPress and Joomla, Drupal is technically the most advanced system available on the web. It is strong, secured, speedy and highly effective. Moreover, the layout and the presentation of Drupal are less restricted than that offered by wordpress and Joomla. If you are skilled enough in HTML and PHP, only then Drupal is your perfect choice. The Drupal based templates can be largely found on the web only on special orders by the marketers for their website.

As compared to WordPress and Joomla, Drupal is far more technical and hence, is preferred only by the highly skilled webmasters.


Source by Hilton Pagley

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