WordPress Is Too Hard For Me


There are many free websites out today that you can try, but what about WordPress? I found this one to be a little tricky only because I found all Internet and computer stuff to be a little tricky. The truth is, WordPress can be very simple. Now, I would say the user is the one who makes it too hard.

WordPress is a more detailed site only to make your website or blog the best quality for the search engines. If you want you sight to ever be seen by the public this is a good thing. It offers a number of options for your content such as: highlight, bold, underline, text size, text color and more. It carries many templates to choose from and a large variety of widgets to use as well.

Website beginners can have the a professional looking site without the years of college to teach you how to create your own site or memorize HTML codes. Parents, you will not even need your high school children to show you how. Ha.

I use to use the free websites available online, which are good, but I have learned to use WordPress and see the importance of the professional quality they offer. You can even use their templates and put your own pictures on them to add your own personal touch. There will not be another site out there like yours. I hope you are getting excited about your first creation because it is going to be a great one.

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Source by Rhondalynn Johnson

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