WordPress Installation


WordPress installation is now easier than ever with many of the top web host providers offering 1-click installation and easy upgrades. Providers that use popular control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, vDeck and more are all able to easily integrate WordPress with their service. Even providers that run on their own custom control panels are offering the same exact type of feature due to the growing popularity of WordPress.

Web host providers that do not offer this feature but are still able to run WordPress will require manual installation that will take a couple of minutes to complete. The process is not at all difficult and complete step by step directions can be found on the WordPress.org site.

The great thing about 1-click WordPress installation is that everything is done for you. Absolutely no technical knowledge is required. Simply enter a username and password to use for your WordPress account, click a few buttons and you’re all done. Choose a theme to use, upload via FTP to your account and you have a fully designed blog in a matter of minutes. If you are able to install with just one click then upgrading is just as easy.

Since WordPress is an application that is constantly improving, new versions are always coming out. Upgrading used to be a hassle, but now simply go into your control panel, find out where to go to upgrade and with one or two clicks you have your files backed up and a fully functioning new version of WordPress up and running.


Source by Amy B Xu

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