WordPress Goldmine – Internet Marketing 101


I guarantee that if you ask two or more people what is internet marketing you will get two different answers or maybe a variety of different answers. When the internet was much younger, internet marketing was seen as having a website, placing a few banners here and there and that was it. Gladly those days are well and truly behind us now.

Fast forward to 2009 and internet marketing has changed dramatically, more and more companies are online now. If you are not online you are not doing business. The consumer of today expect to see there favourite companies online, no need to look for a phone book go online it is much easier.

With the right guidance and help you can start up your own business and be a big player just like Amazon or eBay well maybe not that big but after all we are talking about the internet here so anything is possible.

Just look what happened to singing sensation Susan Boyle, she now holds the record for the biggest number of albums sales on Amazon even before it was released to the public. Do you think this would have been possible for Susan Boyle without the internet, who knows.

That is all well and good but how does that help me start up a business online. I do not know the first think about internet marketing as such or where to start. Do not despair my friend I have the perfect solution and that solution is called WordPress Goldmine.

I must warn you that this is going to challenge you, make you work your butt off but in 12 months time if you follow the step by step guides you will be a different person and you can then call yourself an Internet Marketer and be the envy of many.


Source by Kewene J Morrison

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