WordPress Goldmine 2.0 – The Easiest Way to Learn Internet Marketing


It is not often that an e-book is published on a particular subject, which just makes all others look completely useless. However, with the release of WordPress Goldmine 2.0, this is what has happened. Where most affiliate marketing guides get you to focus on finding a product through ClickBank and then create a blog for it, WordPress Goldmine 2.0 does not. Instead it looks at the different aspects relating to the process of finding the right domain names and what products to promote the site.

This e-book is not like any other out there today. The author not only writes about how you can build a site, you have videos and examples where you can follow along. Every step along the way is easy to do, because it is broken up into five separate sections.

Section one – Building a WordPress blog. This section also shows you how to get your blog up and running. There are also bonus videos to help you understand this process.

Section two – You learn about the different type of content for your blog. Here the author explains using PLR articles to original content. You also find out about getting unique content posted to your blog regularly and totally FREE.

Section three – Monetization. This section teaches you how to monetize your WordPress blog. It also provides an in-depth explanation of the author’s structured plan. This section teaches you how to make money from a blog, making it worth more than the cost of the program. Instead of many of those “get-rich-quick” programs, you learn how you can create an extra $1000 per week by the end of the year. Think “long-term”.

Section four – promoting the sites that you build. In this section, you will find easy to follow information for traffic generation. You’ll also see an easy to follow diagram listing the kinds of sites you can utilize, thus helping to make your site a success.

As for section 5, this helps you with taking the way you promote the sites that you have created to a completely different level. Initially you may find this section a little daunting. In fact the author himself warns you at the beginning of this chapter that you need to have mastered the previous sections of the book before you move on and master this one.

So you see, WordPress Goldmine 2.0 can be an invaluable investment to learning internet marketing. The author has used a commonsense approach, not a bunch of “flowery” words with “pie-in-the-sky” promises. If you follow the directions given, you will find yourself succeeding in today’s internet market.

Even though WordPress Goldmine 2.0 contains 112 pages, each one proves to be great value for money. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or have been an internet marketer for sometime you will find advice and tips contained within its pages that could help to increase your income. If you are only going to buy one e-book this year then I would recommend that you buy this one.


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