WordPress For Affiliates


In many ways WordPress is an affiliate marketers dream come true. Besides it being free and the fact that the search engines seem to love WordPress sites (meaning lots of traffic for you) the flexibility of WordPress is what makes it so great as a tool for affiliate marketing.

In the old days of static HTML websites, any tiny change you wanted to make to your site could take hours. For example if you had an affiliate banner ad at the top of each page of your website, and you wanted to swap it for another one, you would have to go through each page in turn carefully making the change. It could take hours. WordPress for affiliates makes life so much easier though because now you simply change one tiny detail and the banners change right across your site.

Once an affiliate site has been built with WordPress it’s not just easy to change your banner adverts. You can change the layout of your website very easily so it is possible to try out dozens of different themes to see which ones actually convert best for you.

You can also change the structure of your affiliate site to see what arrangement of articles actually encourages the most people possible to click one of your links and buy something.

And finally WordPress for affiliates works so well because of the broad range of plugins that are available which can significantly help you to increase your affiliate sales. Examples include plugins that will automatically insert Clickbank or Amazon product listings on your site without you having to do anything.


Source by Richard Adams

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