WordPress Directory Theme – How to Build Directory Based Websites With the DirectoryPress WP Theme


If you want to promote your website, the best thing to do is to submit your website to different directories. Website directories form links back to your site, and this helps your website become more highly ranked in searches. Have you ever thought about running your very own link directory? You can now with the DirectoryPress theme.

You may charge a fee to websites who would like to be listed in your search engine directory, if you choose to run one. While it can take a lot of time to properly run a search engine directory, it can also earn you a few extra bucks. You’ll need to build your directory, set up a system for payments, and be vigilant when it comes to links which no longer work. The WordPress Directory Theme makes all of this much simpler. This particular theme is quick to install without knowing much about coding at all, and allows you to operate a directory and earn some cash.

With WP, managing your content and blogging has become much simpler, and it’s now working the same way when it comes to web directories. By using the WP Directory Theme, your visitors can decide between a few different plans which are supplied by you. This theme works perfectly with SEO and AdSense, as well as a majority of major payment methods. This theme will do all of the work when it comes to the hours you’d normally spend monitoring and deleting inactive links from the directory pages. Instead of constantly managing your directory, you can spend your time promoting it.

With a single purchase of the WordPress DirectoryPress Theme, you’ll also get limitless installations. This enables you to set up multiple directories. This means that the potential for earnings from memberships and ad space is unlimited from a single theme purchase. Anyone who operates a website can benefit from a web directory, so by maintaining your own, you’ll be able to earn some cash. Your directory will be easier to manage than ever before with the WP Directory Theme.


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