WordPress Blogs – Do You Know How to Install a WordPress Blog on Your Website?


Blogs are among the most popular social media and marketing platforms in use on the internet and you can install a WordPress blog on your website easily.

There are 2 different forms of WordPress blogs.

1. WordPress.org: This type requires you to pick out a domain name for your blog and register it with a domain hosting service. This usually costs around $10.00 per year. The monthly hosting cost will be somewhere between $5.00 and $30.00. This cost depends on the level of service you require. Your URL will be: YourDomainName.com.

2. WordPress.com: This is a free blog. Of course that makes it a popular choice, but this also comes with a potential serious downside. They monitor your blog constantly and they can, at their discretion, delete your blog. This would happen if they believe that you have violated the terms of the operating agreement. Your URL would look like this: YourDomainName.WordPress.com.

I believe that owning your domain name and buying hosting is the best way to go if you can afford the cost.

The benefits of a WordPress.org blog include security and versatility. You also have access to a control panel through your hosting company. Almost all reputable hosting companies have Fantastico De Luxe software incorporated into them any more. You should check on this before you sign up for hosting. Fantastico makes it really simple to install a blog on your website.

Pick a domain name that describes your websites niche.

This may take some thought and due to the fact that a lot of names have already been taken, you may have to use hyphens or other creative forms to find a domain that will work.

There are numerous domain and hosting companies and I’m reluctant to endorse any one. I’ve had experience in that area before. I didn’t hear from all the people that loved the site I mentioned, but the few that had problems hounded me about it for months! A Google search will quickly give you options to explore. I would check on price, reliability and if it has Fantastico. Remember the old adage though: Buy too cheap and buy twice!

Now that you have your domain name and hosting company lined up, we can install a WordPress blog on your website.

Each company is different, but when you signed up, you should have received some sort of welcome email with a user name and password so that you can access your new hosting company. Also a “New Account Information email” will have this information as well as the following:

• Domain name

• Control panel (Cpanel) user name and password

• Nameserver information

• Temporary FTP Hostname

• Temporary Webpage URL

• Temporary Control Panel URL

• FTP Hostname

• Webpage URL (for use once the site has propagated)

• Control Panel URL (for use once the site has propagated)

Don’t let this scare you! Likely, you’ll never have to use most of this information. For now, all we need is the Cpanel user name and password so that we can gain access to the Fantastico De Luxe software.

The control panel URL is simply your domain name with /cpanel added. It will look like this, “yourdomainname.com/cpanel” and should be available for use within an hour or so.

If this URL won’t work then you can use the temporary Cpanel URL to access the site. Enter your user name and password and you’ll be directed to your websites Cpanel.

Scroll down and under Software / Services you can click on the “Smiley Face” icon that Fantastico uses. This is what you do:

• Click WordPress (left column)

• Click New installation Install on domain – (your domain should be here) Leave ‘Install in directory’ blank

• Admin User Name

• Admin Password

• Admin nickname – (can be changed later)

• Admin email – (you can create a business email address in the Cpanel or you can just use a personal email for this)

• Both the Site Name and Description can be changed later, so don’t obsess over them now

• Click – Install WordPress

A new page will appear telling you what your access URL will be.

• Click – Finish Installation

A final page will appear reaffirming your admin user name and password. Also the URL to access the blogs Administration Dashboard area will be listed. You can also send yourself an email of these details by filling out the field and hitting ‘Send Email.’

You are done with Fantastico. Close it and logout of your control panel.

Congratulations, you now have your very own WordPress blog!

Using the Admin URL, go to your blog dashboard area. You’ll need to use your Admin User Name and Password to gain access. Once there you can select the theme that you want for your WordPress blog. There are hundreds to choose from, so chances are, you’ll find one that works for your niche. I’ll be writing an article soon about how to configure a WordPress blog, but for now, the site has a very good support FAQ section.


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