WordPress Blogs: Create Quick Cash Blogs to Flip


WordPress is hugely popular online. You can create a blog in minutes, develop it, and then sell it. Thousands of people are creating blogs, and are selling them quickly. In other words, they’re “flipping” them.

If you’d like to try this yourself, here are three tips which will help you.

1. Batch-Create Your Flip Blogs: Build a Workflow

If you’re creating blogs and selling them immediately, the more blogs you can create, the more you will sell. This is obvious.

Here’s what I do. I choose a popular niche, and buy ten domain names. I then set up each domain with hosting. I can install WordPress within a minute or two. The whole job is done within half an hour.

Before you add content to each blog, decide how you’ll monetize it. If the blog will be an online store, the monetization’s built in, for example. Other types of blogs need other kinds of content.

Although you can sell blogs immediately, once you’ve added some content, you will make more money if you keep your blogs until they’re making an income, no matter how small. Buyers like to know that they’ll get their money back from their investment quickly.

2. Choose Profitable Niches

Remember that these are blogs that you’re selling, so you don’t need to have any great and abiding interest in the topic of the blogs. Check out some of the auction sites, and you’ll soon discover which niches are popular.

Blogs related to health and Internet marketing for example, are always popular.

3. Value Your Time: Track the Time You Spend

Once a blog’s set up, add your content, and then start promoting it. The time you spend on promotion will be amply repaid, once you sell, because your promotions lead to sales, which lead to a higher selling price for the blog.

Keep a timesheet for your activities, so that you know how much time you’re spending. Once you’ve got a good workflow, you’ll know reasonably accurately how much time you need to spend on a blog to get it earning.

If you enjoy creating blogs, WordPress blog flipping is a great way to create extra cash. Give it a try.


Source by Angela Booth

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