WordPress Basics


When you use WordPress for your blog or website, you will have to pick a theme to use for your overall look and feel of the site. At times the theme that you really want might need some changes because it’s not quite the style you want or has a few elements on it that you don’t want your site to show. There are some answers to the most common theme editing questions with WordPress.

How do you change the title on your WordPress template?

Each page is going to have what is called a title tag. Whatever is between this is going to show up at the top of the page in the title bar on the browser. Sometimes there is information there that you might not want on your blog or website. You will have to change this if you want it to be different.

In order to make changes you will have to click on “Appearance” then “Editor” on the left side your WordPress Dashboard area. This will bring up a box in the middle with some files along the right side. You will then need to select the “Header” which will be where you can edit this. Place whatever you want between the title tags to make this change and save it.

How do you get rid of the date or the author on your WordPress posts?

Some do not want to have an author or date on their posts at all. Go to the same editor as discussed above and look for either your posts template or the main index template. Look through this code and delete out the author and date to take it away.

How do you turn off the comments?

You could edit them out of the theme completely but this might take too much work for some. When you make a post or page, there is an option to turn off the comments completely if that is what you want.


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