WordPress AdSense Theme – First Impression is the Only Chance


Choosing the proper WordPress AdSense theme for your blog can be a crucial decision to the success and profitability of your site. With the millions of blogs on the web, the competition is fierce and most blogs are lucky to get one chance at grabbing a surfer’s attention before they move on. This is why the right WordPress AdSense theme is so important.

WordPress has been around since 2003 and was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a branch off the original b2. This is a templating type system written in PHP and HTML codes where widgets can be moved about without it being necessary to edit the computer code. This system was built to be search engine friendly that could sustain permalinks with a variety of article categories. One of the better advantages of this system is with the ease at which the plugins can be added and utilized. A great example of this is the AdSense plugin. Once this is installed a blogger can import their AdSense code into the plugin and it will be automatically configured and written into the computer code for the site. This makes getting started easy and simple, especially for the novice blogger.

Since WordPress is already set up to be search engine friendly and additional plugins to optimize this process are available to increase traffic, the next step is to keep the web surfer on your site. This is when the decision of which WordPress AdSense theme is made. Getting web surfers to make the decision to stay usually happens within the first 5 seconds from initial contact. If the background, colors and appearance are not conducive to what the surfer expects and is looking for, they will move on.

The right WordPress AdSense theme is your first glance recognition tool that will keep the web surfer looking for more on your site.


Source by Mark Q. Johnson

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