WordPress – 6 Ways to Make Money Using WordPress Platform


WordPress is the new website platform used by thousands of people for creating professional and profitable websites. It is free, very user friendly, and can be customized to make it your own.

So how do you make money with WordPress? Here are 6 popular methods.

1. Affiliate Marketing: affiliate marketing allows you to sell other people’s products on your site. This can be done by reviewing the products, putting the affiliate’s link on your website, and promoting the product in your posts.

2. Product Sales: product sales are similar to affiliate marketing, but you are selling your own products. You can sell digital products such as e-books or digital recordings or you may have physical products for sale.

3. Membership Sites: you can create a paid membership site using WordPress. One way to do this is to allow visitors to browse your site for free tips and ideas and then have them become a paid member in order to get the “good” stuff. Memberships can be paid weekly, monthly, yearly – whatever you decide.

4. Paid Advertising: You can sell advertising spots on your site to other website owners. These are usually sold as banners or box ads. You can sell them in monthly or yearly increments.

5. Google AdSense: you will need to create an ID with Google AdSense in order to use this. Once you have, you can create the size and shape of your ad and then place it on your site. Google will then advertise items and services relevant to your site. When a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you get credit. Once you have accumulated $100 in revenues, Google will pay you.

6. Pay Per Click: using Google AdWords, you buy keywords, write ads, and they are placed on Google pages. When someone clicks, you are charged the amount for that keyword. Hopefully, the person clicking will buy your product. Many people are very successful with this but you will need some revenue to get started.

The best way to make money on WordPress is to create your strategy – which method will you use – and then implement your plan. Once you have created something that is successful, then duplicate the process over and over again. Duplication opens the door to financial opportunity. WordPress makes the duplication process very easy.


Source by Jeanene Fisher

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