Windows Or Mac For Web Page Design Software?


Whether you use a Mac or Windows computer, you probably are interested in doing business online. Most people with a company need a professional website. Even the average citizen might need to make a personal web page to share photos with families and friends or publish a blog. Luckily, web page design software makes this easy to do. Here’s a few good choices for both Mac and Windows users.

It’s no secret that there are fewer programs that are compatible with Mac computers. When it comes to web page design software, there are several great choices to get you started.

For blog publishing, take a look at Infinite Sushi ecto 2.3.4. It is inexpensive, at only around $18, and can do all the work offline. This program works best in conjunction with a standard blogging site, such as Blogger or WordPress. If you want to host your own blog, this system isn’t easily compatible with that.

For Mac users that need a bit more of a full featured program, you can write websites in Realmac RapidWeaver 4.1.3. At around $80, it is a bit expensive, but the program gives users a lot for the money, including easy interface and excellent customer service.

Third party programmers also offer an assortment of plug ins for this program. On the downside, it has been said to crash more than average, however.

More Choices for Windows Users

If you use a Windows based computer, there are many more options for you to choose from when it comes to publishing a web page or blog. Windows Live writer is a free choice that can handle blog publishing.

Blogs are great for traffic generation to a business website and they are widely used for all types of promotion or just for informing customers of new developments.

Evrsoft First Page 2006 is another free program that is perfect for people that really want to dig deep and understand HTML.

On the other hand, for those who just want to get the job down, you can purchase a program such as CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer. At around $50, this web page design software lets just about anyone publish a web page, including complete beginners. The best option for you will likely be determined how much previous experience you have and what your budget will allow.

Mac or a Windows PC? No matter what type computer you own, you can now find web page design software available in free or paid versions.

Obviously, more programs are written for Windows systems. However, with the rise in popularity of Mac systems, there are more options than ever. Also, Mac programs are usually very well written.

So, the choice is yours. The main point is to test and get something you’re comfortable using and create your new website.


Source by Bob Pardue

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