Why You Should Build Sites Using WordPress


Since Internet became most used information source by people around the world, to build a site that something should be done for those people who want to publish themselves. Especially in business, where promoting self, company, product or brand being vital for business sustainability in the future.

Site as a media campaign became very important. But we all know that made a site is not always easy for everyone, especially those who do not have basic knowledge about HTML or programming.

On the other hand, blog occurrence as a personal media publications bringing marketing trend to different style. Marketing approach now touch people more humanist and friendly. Marketing was developed with a more familiar approach based to trust on give encouragement to taking action or transaction.

Copywriting focus has changed to ‘how to get people trust’ and drive the trust increased each time. However, any content on Internet need media for publication, a system that can run it well. In fact, on the past not all people can do this.

Blog has a friendlier system. Many people create a first personal website using Geocities, maybe you one of them. We know that Geocities has many limitations, but it already provides people for ease to making publication on Internet.

Some blog platforms was developed. Google’s for example develop blogger.com with many integrated features. Since Google became a giant on Internet blogger.com go into fast growing blog platform. Another Platform used by a blogger is WordPress. The best from WordPress, beside than WordPress are open source developers is there’s a lot of research to develop of better publications on the Internet by many WordPress developers.

Apart from goals by developer, in release WordPress features like plugin and other applications, such as for business purposes, WordPress still extraordinary and powerful blog platform.

For business, the customization can be done on WordPress is very helpful, especially for the small business entrepreneur. People took to build online business, online magazine, personal blogs, or corporate websites using WordPress.

If people want to use WordPress to optimize their business they can optimize their site be found through search engines easily. Search engine optimization on WordPress are terribly easy even if you do not expert in programing.

For expert people, WordPress can also be used to promote their expertise. People who want to start a new journey in self-publishing on Internet certainly surprised how WordPress will facilitate a variety of purposes that allows you to get more than just have a personal URL.

Editing HTML skills is usually associated with site performance and appearance. The more awesome from WordPress as CMS site or personal blog is that they can appear closer to perfect and captivating. If you want to save your money you still just do not need to worry since there are thousands of best WordPress themes appropriate for free.

As blog platform WordPress shows exceptional growth in its use as publication media on Internet. If you want to start a journey in self-publishing on Internet and want to get valuable experience so you can start by using WordPress.


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