Why Use WordPress to Create Mini-Sites and Sales Letters?


For those not familiar with WordPress, it is a free Content Management System that has grown to be the most popular choice when it comes to creating a blog. While still being used as the number one blogging platform, many marketers and webmasters have moved all their websites and mini-sites to WordPress.

WordPress is considered to be the best platform to write and publish any content very easily from any computer connected to the internet. With a few tweaks to the standard layout (theme) of a blog, it is possible to easily create mini-sites and sales letters using the CMS we all learned to love. By changing the layout and theme to a more minimalistic look and removing columns you can make WordPress appear like any HTML coded sales letter or mini-site commonly found among Internet Marketing.

How well does WordPress mini-sites perform, is the plain “old-school” HTML better?

The benefits for webmasters are endless, WordPress is super fast, easy to use and comes with thousands of downloadable plug-ins and features. As far as SEO is concerned, WordPress is brilliant and webmasters believe it is favored by Google more, and often WordPress sites gets indexed quicker, but in my opinion it is always about the quality content the website contains. From your visitor’s point of view, a WordPress mini-site would mean a better overall experience and fresher look. WordPress has excellent web 2.0 features and very popular membership plug-ins, making it a perfect CMS for mini-sites with “members only” areas.

Using WordPress for mini-sites or sales letters gives you complete control and freedom. And really takes no effort to maintain or even setup your website. If you have not yet used WordPress before it is no problem, WordPress will have you running your own blog or mini-site empire in no time and no experience is required.


Source by Ruan Otto

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