Why is WordPress a Good Platform For Websites?


There are many different platforms on which you can use to build a website, ranging from out of the box options with which you plug and play, to other much more bespoke and sophisticated proposals. We will look at where WordPress fits in, the benefits and how it can help you as a website owner.

Cost is always critical when setting up a website, due to unique way in which WordPress is structured this means that typically the cost of a WordPress website will be lower, as there are a huge range of different templates available, ranging from simple blogging platforms to corporate business templates. Plus if you have some coding experience then you can easily transform the basic platform that is offered.

The technical ability required to build a website using WordPress in it’s basic form is minimal. With a requirement to upload the database and install via an ftp client. If this does not make any sense to you, do a search on YouTube where you will find step by step instructions on what to do. If you wish to structurally change the website then coding skills will be required, however due to WordPress’ popularity there are a significant number of programmers who have experience with the platform and this should be a relatively cheap exercise.

The variety of templates available is huge, ranging from simple blogs to more corporate looking websites and everywhere in between. If you search for a particular theme or topic it is likely that someone has already built a website for this topic! When purchasing a WordPress template, depending on who has built it there will sometimes be some plugins already included, which can make the setting up of the site much more easy. Plus each theme will have a different structure, meaning that you will have to play around with it to make sure it meets your requirements.

If you are building a website on someones behalf who may have little or no technical ability the platform which WordPress generates is very easy to use, with a quick run through giving more than enough information for even the most inexperienced of internet users.

Plugins make WordPress what it is, with a huge range available ranging from free to paid if you are looking for something more sophisticated. The plugins range from SEO, so ensuring that the site is structured correctly with meta-tags, tags and h1 tags all correctly implemented, to sitemaps meaning that when the search engine spiders crawl your website that it is much more easy to map the number of pages on there. Additionally you can secure the website so that only certain IP addresses would be able to access the login to the back end of the site. These are just some examples of a huge number available and I would suggest that you research this in more detail as you develop your site.

As the name suggests plugins are just that, with some being easily uploaded via the WordPress backend, but also with some requiring to be installed via the ftp database.

The difficulty that some WordPress users will find is changing the platform from blog software, i.e. getting rid of dates and times for blogs if it is being used as a basis for a more corporate site for example. This will take some technical ability and will involve some coding. Again there are cheap options available if you search for outsourcing on Google.

In summary, WordPress is a great basic platform, with a vast variety of cool templates that makes setting up a website an easy thing to do for even the most unsophisticated of website owners!


Source by Matt Lenzie

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