Why Have a Blog?


If you’re not blogging for your commercial real estate business – you should be! Blogs allow you to generate leads, be seen as an expert in your niche, develop an effective Internet strategy and create a “buzz”. But what exactly is a blog and how can you get one? Below are a few basics:

  1. What is a Blog?

    A blog is somewhat like a website only they are easier to create and maintain. Additionally depending upon your desire to learn and your technical ability level there can be little or no cost involved.

    A blog is a software platform that allows individuals and companies with little or no technical experience to publish, maintain and update content without having to hire and use a webmaster. The activity of updating a blog is known as blogging and the owner of the blog is known as a blogger.

    A commercial real estate brokers blog generally represents the blog owners personality as well as relevant and useful informational content.

  2. Why should I have one?

    Blogs have become popular because they allow you to be seen as an expert, maintain prospect relationships, market to a wider audience, and receive feedback to name a few.

    Ideally a blog will drive prospects to you!

    Let’s face it, we are in an era where cold calling is no longer as effective as it once was. 90% of professionals including CEO’s turn to the internet when attempting to get solutions to their commercial real estate problems. If you are not online with a web presence you will not be considered.

    Blogs are picked more easily by the search engines (Google, Yahoo and etc…) and when you blog regularly you will be rewarded with better placement. This means when a prospect is searching for your service you will hopefully show up on page 1 of the search engine results.

  3. How do I get one?

    There are a wide variety of Blogging formats available but the two I recommend are Blogger and WordPress.

Both are free, easy to use and well established as top rated blogging software applications. Start out by playing with an application and simply have fun! Good luck and drop me an email with your blog name and address and I will check it out.


Source by Cindy Saxman Spivack

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