Why Does My WordPress Blog Disappear From Google


WordPress engine has made it easy for your blog to be appeared on Google Search Engine. The use of meta and descriptions, tags, ping trackback, headers, and other SEO related things, are by default included in every wordpress installation. When you launch a wordpress blog on the internet and updated it regularly, your wordpress blog will be appeared on Google Search in just a few days.

But a wordpress blog also can be disappeared from Google Search after it has made its appearance, even if it has reached a high rank position before. There are internal factors and external factors that could cause this.

External Factors

There are more than 10,000 dedicated servers from which Google Search Engine pulls its search results. With this huge number of servers, it is impossible to update their index at the same time. So Google updates their indexes one by one at a time.

Because of this, some websites could be dropped from Google’s rankings temporarily, or even disappear all together. But after a while, the Google’s index updating process would be complete and restored the disappeared websites back to the list again. This process often called “Google Dance”, and usually happened at the average rate once per month.

This is one of the external factors that could cause your wordpress blog disappear from Google Search. The other factor could be from the presence of Copy Websites. A Copy Website is a website that copy the contents of another website and publish them as its own page. This would make identical pages appear on the web. Google would judge one of them as the original page and deemed the others as copies, and thus banned those websites from its listing. But sometimes, Google fails to identify the real original page, and ban the wrong websites.

Internal Factors

The internal factors could came from the use of uncontrolled SEO techniques on your wordpress blog, like using cloaking or hidden links to redirect Google crawlers, or using too much affiliation links on a page with a relatively short contents, or publishing contents that are irrelevant with your wordpress blog’s description. Google said, “Do not make websites that cheated or lied to their visitors, or targeting on web search engines instead of real visitors.”

So, your wordpress blog should be designed with real purpose on giving what the visitors’ need, and avoid slick web tricks that could be deemed by Google as cheating.


Source by Rony Hidayat

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