Why Call Centres Should Always Record Their Calls

If you own or manage a call centre, the main task of all your employees will be to either take or make calls. Call centres tend to be busy and are often the main point of contact for customers who are looking to get in touch with the business that you represent with a complaint or question. Although most calls taken by call centre staff tend to go smoothly, there have been incidents of bad customer service or unacceptable behaviour on calls. Although you would hope that none of your employees will ever find themselves in this situation, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. We’ve put together just some of the reasons why call centres should definitely record each call made.


When you use call recording software, there is the option to use it for the purpose of analytics. Analysing calls can lead to improvement in customer service, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and the productivity of the business as a whole. By listening to both good and bad calls, you are able to get a good picture of what works well and what doesn’t. This can then be reflected upon both with the employees whose calls you are listening to, and also during employee training sessions.

Cover Your Back

As a call centre owner or manager, it is important to have your own back covered at all times, and also that of your employees. If a caller were to accuse one of your employees of saying something which could land you or them in serious trouble, it always pays to have evidence as to whether the accusation is or is not true. With more and more people trying their luck and scamming when it comes to taking companies to court in order to get a pay out, there’s nothing more important than making sure that you have taken every precaution to defend yourself should a case such as this arise.

Improve Productivity

If employees know that they are being monitored as they work, they are much more likely to be more productive. Employees who are listened to on calls are going to pay much more attention to making sure that they follow all protocol and work to the best of their ability than those who are unmonitored. Although there are definitely some great ways to help your employees improve their productivity by ensuring that they are satisfied in their jobs, knowing that your boss could be listening in is one of the best motivators.

Employee Development

If your call centre has an employee development program in place, call recordings are absolutely essential. This is because the recordings of calls can not only be used to give examples to trainees of how they should or shouldn’t be working, they can also be a great way of tracking progress and improvement over a period of time.

Making sure that all calls taken or made are recorded at a call centre should be standard for your company safety, staff training, and productivity.

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