Which Is Better: WordPress Or Joomla?


Both WordPress and Joomla are very popular Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) that are available to anyone who’d like them. These are pieces of software that allow one to make a fully functional website without the need to know any HTML or programming language. They both offer a wide range of features and functions that can be expanded far beyond the core program through the use of plugins. With enough looking around and practice anyone can make a website powered by either of these into something really impressive.

After using WordPress for small business and personal hobby sites for years I had the opportunity to work with the Joomla platform for a client. Like anything else learning a new software system will present a learning curve that needs to be overcome. In the end, after over a year of developing with Joomla I’d suggest WordPress for the beginner and intermediate webmaster. It comes down to preference, how you work with the system and your knowledge level and everyone is different. If you’re on the fence I’d encourage you to check them both out before going with one over the other.

In my opinion the WordPress software is far more intuitive and easier to use over Joomla. For the vast majority of fledgling webmasters out there I’d bet that most would have a great looking and functional site up and running far faster, and with much less frustration, with WordPress.

Don’t get me wrong here…Joomla is a very powerful application and I’ve seen some amazing websites done with it. My feeling is that WordPress is much easier to get started with and once someone has the feel of the program has the ability to create sites as good as or better than with Joomla.

For the small business owner, hobby website designer or beginning web developer the WordPress application will allow you to get up and running quickly and easily. Making pages, changing colors, organizing the flow of your site in more is simple and easy to understand. Once the basics are figured out the ability to move on to tens of thousands of free themes expands your reach exponentially. There are also tens of thousands of plugins as well that do everything you can possibly image.

Looking back at when I started out if I had begun developing sites on Joomla rather than WordPress it would have been, at least for me, a much more difficult and frustrating experience.


Source by Bill P. Kelly

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