Which is Better – Blogger Or WordPress?


Which platform is better? I know a lot of purists would argue that WordPress is the best route hands down. But I’m not completely convinced of this. Depending on your goals, using Blogger as a blogging platform could be a perfectly good – and effective – option.

There are all kinds of lists out there that compare both the good and bad things about each service. I’m not going to break all of that down here; you can do a simple Google search for that. What I am going to do is tell you what platform I think is most effective and makes most sense to use in different situations.

If you’re simply creating a quick blog to promote an affiliate product, for example, Blogger could be a better option. It takes literally less than five minutes to set a blog like this up. You can set it up with a few helpful posts, and a review of your target product. Research and submit a couple dozen articles to a few directories and viola – you’re making money online. It doesn’t get any simpler.

Now, if you’re looking to build a community, have more flexibility with design, and establish yourself as a brand, WordPress is the best choice hands down. It’s far superior as a ‘content management’ system and is absolutely the best way to create a professional blog in my opinion.

The Blogger vs WordPress debate is one that rages on; my stand is to take a fair look at each platform and decide which one is most effective for your specific goals.

Now, if you’re looking to set up a blog that earns you a few extra bucks on the side, a critical component of your business plan is market research. In the above Blogger blog example, it could make all the difference between your success and failure.


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