What’s The Point Of Blogging For Social Media Marketing?


Blogging as part of your social media marketing plan can go further. After all, if you use a WordPress site, there are a number of social media resources at your disposal. You should try them all and pick the ones that fit your needs best.

You should have

  1. social connection links that will bring your readers to your social network to follow you there
  2. social sharing options so that your readers can share your posts with their own tribes
  3. a comments field to allow discussion (social interaction) occur on your site.

It’s important to note that using plugins to extend your social reach will slow down your site speed, which is a ranking factor for Google. You may love how a particular plugin’s social media icons look, but it could be the kiss of death for your site’s ranking.

To avoid bogging down your site speed, take some time to visit the developers’ subdomain or help pages for each of the social networks you use. Just search Google for the social network you are on, along with the words “developer” and “social widget.” It’s really not difficult to do, so don’t be put off by how it may seem.

When considering social sharing plugins, domain hosting providers GoDaddy have provided a very helpful plugin called, simply, “P3.” This plugin is a disposable, one-off addition to any site. By adding the plugin and running a scan, it will show you which plugins are taking up the most of your blog’s resources. By changing out social sharing plugins and running a scan after each change, you can find the one that uses least resources,hence allowing your site load the fastest. After deciding on the plugin that suits you best, you can deactivate and delete the P3 plugin.

Lastly, your comments section can be turned into a social meeting point for your visitors by adding the Disqus plugin. This plugin asks commenters to login with one of their social network profiles to comment. Aside from cutting down on spam a lot, Disqus has its own social network where comments are tracked and followed among the Disqus community. This allows for a much better experience for commenters.

Consider blogging as another part of your social media marketing and interaction with your business or brand followers. You can take it one step further with WordPress by embedding tweets, Google+ and Facebook posts into your WordPress posts to add that extra touch of social connection.


Source by Dave Lynch

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