What’s My Page Rank? – If You Own a WordPress Blog Here is How to Find Out Your Google Page Rank


What’s My Page Rank?

When all you want to do is get your site to show up on page 1 of Google it can be hard sometimes to know which way is best. First, find out the answer to the question: What’s my Google page rank?

You need to know where your site sits for the various phrases it may be optimized for.

That can be the difficult thing to do when you are struggling to see clearly amid the hustle and bustle of internet marketing mumbo jumbo, hype and conversation.

Imagine seeing your site in position one of Google for it’s main phrase and imagine that phrase receives 200 searches every day.

Position 1 typically receives around 40% of the clicks per day from the daily searches people make all around the world.

This means around 80 hits a day to your site.

With 80 hits a day it’s possible to achieve many things, such as increasing your subscriber list, selling one product a day (even if it makes you $50 or more!), increase your brand name and so much more.

These are just examples of what can be done.

So to find out what your page rank is, in order to achieve better returns for your time, you will need to use either software, or a plugin or a service.

A service can be a limited free online service that tells you your page rank. A plugin for your web browser can tell you similar things but can also be very confusing.

Software can come in many shapes and guises from free to paid. Some are pretty much what you’d expect – they do the job and no more, but you are STILL left wondering what to do next..

The hard bit is after you find out what your page rank is, deciding how best to progress it to a new level, a higher position that brings in better results for your site.


Source by Shaun Baird

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