What You Should Know About WordPress Blog Maintenance


It is true that no one can simply sit and relax forever once having created a self-hosted WordPress blog. You need to sporadically improve its plugins and themes. You may have to upgrade the complete installations at time, or maybe you just need some modifications to be added to your theme, or you may sometimes append a few additional functionalities to your blog or you may have to change your CSS. While you are carrying out all the above said, you would most probably want to inform that your site is under maintenance to your visitors. How can you do this?

Apart from this, it is better that you conduct all kinds of tests and modifications on your local server and upload the latest modified version. During this time when your blogs are not online, it is your duty to respect your visitors and inform them that you are on maintenance and will be back soon. How do you do this? You can achieve this using one of the useful plugins that are created for such purpose.

WordPress Maintenance Mode

(WordPress) WP Maintenance Mode is the most excellent upholding mode plugin. This plugin has a few striking themes and patterns that will pitch your blog’s forepart even though it is all the same under repairs. Under this mode you have the advantage of specifying who should have an access to your blog’s back-end, since by default only the administrators have access when the site is in maintenance mode. After your repair work is over, you can go to your plugin page and detect WP Maintenance Mode, and exactly below the name, you will find a link that says “Settings”. You need to click on it and this will suggest alternatives for you to pick.

Maintenance Mode

This is another efficient and spotless plugin and consists of a few sophisticated features. With the help of this plugin, you can place a simple HTML message to be exhibited in the forepart of your post. This mode has one disadvantage and that is it does not have any themes. You can display the message in a white theme maintenance mode at the forepart of your blog.

Bottom Line

Just bear in mind that while you are carrying out the maintenance, you should try out everything first on your local server. It is encouraged that you utilize a Maintenance Mode plugin for your blog so that your readers do not misunderstand you in case they visit on your blog while you are altering its back-end. In case yours is a multi-author blog, inform them about the maintenance part so that they can save their drafts.


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