What WordPress Plugins Do I Need For Search Engine Optimization?


By itself WordPress is a wonderful format, it is already search engine friendly and easy to use. But we all want more traffic which is why we need the help of search engines. With search engine optimization you make your website even more appealing and search engine friendly. This means search engines will like referring you and your blog.

How do I install plugins?

Go to your WordPress dashboard. On the left, in the menu you will see Plugins. When you click that a new menu will open, you want add new. To the right, type in the plugin name, then install. After you install you want to make certain you activate it.

What can I do to optimize my WordPress website?

You will to use Google XML Sitemaps. Once you install it, you visit Settings and then XML Sitemaps. Click the Build Sitemap and you are done. There are additional settings, but it is already set up with the best features for most sites. Also should you make major changes you can rebuild your sitemap.

How do I optimize WordPress posts?

This is where handy plugins like All in One SEO and Platinum SEO help. These two are very similar, so you only need one or the other. All in One SEO is one that more people use because it has been around longer. Platinum is very similar but it adds a few features.

How do I use Platinum SEO or All in One SEO?

Either of these plugins will show up at the bottom of the page where you entered your post or page. Here you can copy your WordPress post title as your title. Your description needs to be a short description of what your post is about so people can read your description on their search results. You also can add keywords, this helps some search engines know words that are related to your blog article.

What about my permalink?

Your permalink is the post link name. Many people are in favor of making the post name as part of the blog post link. This can be changed through the settings, under permalink. If you are using your post name, SEO Slugs in a great plugin to remove the a, the, of, and similar words from your post link, making it more search engine friendly. While there are other plugins available to help your WordPress SEO, these plugins are ones that can help your site immediately.


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