What Makes WordPress the Best Blogging Site Out There?


WordPress has been hitting the blogging community by storm over the last few years and it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Surely there must be something that makes WordPress the best blogging site out there?

The great thing about this software is that it is absolutely free of charge. Why is this? Well because it is an ‘open source’ piece of software that anybody can use provided they agree to the terms and conditions. It has been developed by thousands upon thousands of developers who are continually striving to make it better. Unlike a commercial project, pretty much everyone who works on developing WordPress does it for free and in their spare time.

If you have ever tried to install a web application then you can understand that it can sometimes be quite complicated. However, if you use cPanel hosting and have a ‘Fantasico’ installed, then you can get up and running in WordPress within a matter of minutes with only a few mouse clicks.

Because WordPress gives you the ability to customise the page title, URLs and other important meta data that is important for search engine otpimisation, it is also preferred not by just bloggers but by internet marketers who use it to promote products or services. The fact that you can do this all online without needing any web authoring tools is another reason why people prefer this option.

Just like any other open source software, WordPress allows bloggers to customise the look and feel of their particular sites. You can find and download thousands upon thousands of WordPress themes which you can upload and use depending on your particular requirements.

The real power of WordPress lies in its plugins. These are small bits of functionality enhancements that do not form part of the original application. There is an absolutely huge library of plugins that you can choose that pretty much do anything you like. Some of the most popular ones are ‘XML sitemaps’, ‘All in One SEO’ and ‘NextGen Gallery’. Installing plugins is incredibly easy; you just log into your admin panel and search for whatever you need. All you then do is click on the ‘install’ link and the plugin will be downloaded automatically. There is no need to download it first. This is very useful if you are an online marketer or somebody who is not too technical.

So? What makes WordPress the best blogging site out there? All the reasons we have mentioned above plus the fact it integrates, ease of use, a very quick learning curve and you don’t need to any technical ability whatsoever. In essence you can get going as soon as you install the application.


Source by Zaheer Fazal

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