What Is…

PlusCaptcha is a product owned and operated by Codango. PlusCaptcha is a service made available to webmasters and web designers that is used to prevent bot and otherwise automated form input and control spam from your website forms.

Codango Labs is an Internet and information services company that operates several web properties of which PlusCaptcha is one.

PlusCaptcha is a PHP-based captcha form control that uses various aspects of the web user interface including visual element, a cognitive element, a physical element, and a flexible combination of the three.

PlusCaptcha is available in two primary release versions – easy-to-integrate PHP source code, as well as a plugin for the wildly popular web publishing platform WordPress.

The basic service is free in which the web site visitor will see a random picture in their captcha, distorted with a circle in the middle of the image that is misaligned. The human web site visitor must align that circle in the correct position. When the complete picture is created with the alignment correction, the form can be submitted. If there is any manner of misalignment, the form will not submit.

The paying service includes all of the above, as well as a custom captcha image placed into our Captcha rending rotation. It can be created with your company logo, or specific brand logo.