What is the Best Free Website Builder Software?


With over 18 million publishers currently using the WordPress software, and thousands more downloading it everyday, it undeniably offers some of the best free website builder software. The reason for this popularity is simple; it leads the way in design, development and ease of use.

User Friendly

For software that is able to produce well developed and well designed websites, WordPress is unrivaled in its user friendly approach. Other sites such Joomla and Drupal may offer greater technologies and more advanced systems, but to comfortably master these programs some prior technical knowledge is needed.

It is easy to install and has everything you need to build the perfect website, including trackbacks and pinging services, multiple blogger profiles and RSS feeds, which will make your website easy to promote and loved by search engines, where they generally appear quickly and in a high position.

Designer Friendly

The themes available are a designer’s dream. There are hundreds of free themes available that can be uploaded to any website to make a visually exciting forum to match your needs and appeal to those who visit your site.

These themes range from the Agent theme, ideal for showing products for sale and complete with RSS feeds, ad space and featured videos; to the Church theme, which is ideal for magazine based websites and contains a cycle for featured articles and thumbnails on the first page.

There are even themes available specifically for gaming sites, such as the eGamer theme, with built in star rating; as well as specific video themes, such as Groovy theme, which allows each video to be featured on its own individual page.

Developer Friendly

A common argument against claims that WordPress provides the best free website builder software, is that it cannot be easily customized and is not built for those with the knowledge of a web developer. However, the this program contains over 6,000 free plug-ins, that it can be customized and modified to act and function exactly how the most advanced web developers would want it to.

Some of the best plug-ins available are the All in One SEO Pack, which optimizes your site for search engine purposes, and AdSense Deluxe, which maximizes the value of ad placements.

Other useful plug-ins are Popularity Contest, allowing you to monitor which pages on your site are the most popular, and the Sitemap Generator Plug-in, providing your site, not only with a sitemap, but also a Google XML sitemap for Google Webmaster.

With software that is user friendly and provides everything that designers and developers could need, whether they are experts or complete beginners, it is clear to see that WordPress really does provide the best free website builder software.


Source by Bradford Fox

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