What Is The Best Auto Blog Software? WordPress Magic Is!


Have you ever thought auto blogging? If you have then I’m sure you’ve looking all over the web for a good auto blogging software to obviously do what you want – an automated blog. And if you’ve ever tried any of those auto blogging software, you’re quite aware that they are pretty much junk. Most will get you banned from the search engines for just producing RSS feeds. The same RSS feeds that are floating all over many dozens of different RSS sites.

But I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of a new WordPress plug-in that can completely automate all the content for a thousand page web site in less than an hour! And we’re not talking RSS feeds here. We are talking about 100% legal content, free for distribution all over the web. You can automate the creation of 1000’s of pages with articles, images, and video. Not to mention these pages are considered “unique content” in the eyes of Google, and the rest of the search engines.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WordPress Magic. WPM is an auto blog software suite that can not only create thousands of pages of content, but also add your banners or links in 15 different locations on ALL of those pages in a click of a button. Also, not to mention WordPress Magic can add thousands and thousands of comments to all your pages of content, making it your site seem more popular in the eyes of Google.

The newest feature of WordPress Magic that came out on the last release is the Magic Feeds Wiard. The feeds wizard enables you to created Amazon, and Commission Junction feeds with how many products you want to display on all your pages. Imagine the possibilities of showing post relevant products on hundreds and even thousands of pages on your auto blog.


Source by Derek Lear

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