What is Pinging and Why Do You Need to Ping Your Blog?


You have probably heard by now that you should ping your blog but what is pinging and what does it do? Basically all pinging does is tell the search engines that you’ve just updated your blog. And since search engines (and people) like to read new and fresh content they are more likely to take a wander over to your site to see what’s new. This can mean not only more traffic and visitors to your blog, but also you’ll get listed in the search engines faster (or at least that’s the theory).

So how do you ping?

It’s actually pretty simple to ping your blog, you just need to head over a service that will do it for you or set it up into your blog configuration to do it automatically. Since it is very easy to do it manually and hardly takes any time at all, let’s look at this first.

There are many free sites that will do your pinging for you but by far the most popular would have to be pingoat.com and ping-o-matic.com. Both accomplish the same tasks so only choose one so you don’t ‘double ping’ which the search engines don’t like. It really is as simple as entering your blog URL and name, checking all the general pinging services and pressing go. Then your site will be broadcast to say that you have just made some new posts and that people should check it out.

Setting it up to do it automatically.

Most blog services such as WordPress and Blogger have their own inbuilt pinging tool. That saves you a lot of time as it automatically does the work for you as soon as you publish your post.

In WordPress it’s simply a matter of going into your admin panel, settings and then pinging and adding a list of places that you would like to ping. The plug-in ‘Smart Update Pinger’ which you can download from the WordPress site will make it even easier.

In Blogger go to Settings, Basic and make sure the “Let Search Engines find your blog” dropdown is set to Yes.

How often should you ping?

Every time you write a new post. Yep it’s that simple, write a new post and publish it, then head over to one of the pinging services and enter your details. Done.


Source by Tracey A Edwards

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