What Is Drip Content?


I often get many curious people eager to know what drip content is, its importance and a how I apply it to my membership site. The secret to the success of my membership sites is that I use drip content. It is surprising that many people looking to have their own sites have a very wrong idea of what drip content is. Let me try to explain some things about drip content.

The most common form of drip content used by people is to program your blog to deliver content in a sequence. It can even be used on a normal WordPress blog incase you there isn’t a regular member ship site. In this case you can make posts onto your WordPress blog and decide whether you need to either publish it immediately or at a future date. Drip content is even better when used on a WordPress blog since it can be scheduled to publish post at set dates. All you have to do is to make your post and do the scheduling. This post will not appear online until the day you scheduled it to do so. This way, you can ensure that your content is delivered in a sequence. The procedure for doing this is also very simple; change the date for your next blog to a future date. Incase you have a sudden rush of ideas that can be written in three separate blogs, you can schedule to separate the dates you wish to publish them by say one week.

Drip content works very differently on a blog form the way it is applied above in the WordPress blog. The reason fro the lack of success of many people using drip content with their membership sites is that they simply apply it in those sites as they would in a WordPress blog and them charge people wishing to access that blog. A problem is presented here since anyone can join for one month and then come back after say four months and still be able to view all the previous content in the archives without paying for those months he was absent. The best solution to this challenge is to consider the date the person joined when dripping out the content.

The above method will ensure that on joining your site a person will only see the first part of content on your blog e.g. the first four or five weeks. Incase the person waits up to one month he will be able to access the following month’s content.. Cancelling the subscription at any moment will mean that the person starts afresh. This shows that the major difference between a WordPress blog and a protected membership site is that unlike a WordPress blog, the drip starts on joining the membership site and stops when they cancel.


Source by Robert Plank

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