What Is A Blogger? The Plain Truth


What is a blogger. In today’s information age this is a

popular question that is asked by many people. In reality a

blogger can be compared to a philosopher. It usually is a

personal journal that is updated frequently. In some cases

it can also be used by a business to form a more personal

relationship with a customer.

Usually a blogger will create a blog on a topic that they

are interested in. So for example if they are a soccer

fanatic then they may start a blog on their favourite team.

In many cases the topic could also be a current event that

interests them as well.

The big advantage of this platform is the ease at which you

can do this. There are free platforms available like

Blogger and WordPress which allow you to create your posts

with a graphical WYSIWYG interface that requires no

technical knowledge.

If a blog becomes popular and generates significant traffic

the owner can monetize it with advertising that suits this

type of medium. The most popular form of advertising used

is Google Adsense. If you use Blogger this is even built

into the interface as Google owns it. So it is just a

matter of selecting some predefined layouts to display your


A typical “post” would consist of an opinion on a topic and

also link to other posts or websites. Blog carnivals are

always on the lookout for high quality articles and they

exist for nearly every type of topic. Blogs also use social

media to share popular posts.

I am sure that once you experiment with this type of

publishing you will find it fascinating like I did.


Source by Mark A. Abrahams

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