What Is A Blog And How Does It Work? A Detailed Guide


So what is a blog and how does it work anyway? You’re hearing more and more about the “blogging phenomenon” and the explosion of blogging online, and you might even fancy it as a way of earning a side income. Blogging is certainly an online publishing strategy that’s here to stay, and here are 3 key characteristics of a blog that sets it apart from any other site:

What Is A Blog And How Does It Work? #1: It’s A Simple Push Button Website

A blog is an easy way for anyone (and I mean anyone) with a computer and access to the internet to publish whatever they want on the internet without learning HTML or doing any kind of website development of their own. There are literally hundreds of different blogging platforms out there that provides free hosting for your blog, such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, just to name a few. You also have the option of hosting your own blog on your own website, but you will have to buy the domain name and find a hosting provider of course.

What Is A Blog And How Does It Work? #2: It’s A Publishing Tool

A blog has a unique way of displaying content, in that is shows up all your latest posts right at the top of the page, and older posts further down at the bottom. Most people started out using it as an online diary or journal, but since then many people have used it to showcase their expertise about various topics like gardening, stock trading and cooking, just to name a few. The beauty of a blog as a publishing tool is that you always see the newest content first, which is convenient for new and repeat visitors alike.

What Is A Blog And How Does It Work? #3: It’s A Public Forum

You might be thinking “Okay, there’s nothing all that special about a blog, it’s just a glorified website… right?” Well, in addition to it being a push button website and a handy publishing tool, it also acts as a forum for your visitors. Anyone and everyone can comment on your posts, and many popular blogs have hundreds of comments on their posts every single day! That means that there are a lot of opinions being aired, which adds to the value of your content, and a strong community spirit being built, because people are personally invested in the blog.


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