Website Traffic Analysis – How to Analyze Affiliate WordPress Review Site


When it comes to website traffic, a lot of webmasters and affiliates will scratch their heads and don’t know how to analyze the traffic. And some don’t know what types of data are useful to analyse the website traffic to judge if their review sites go well and increase the conversion rate.

Some types of data are important to analyze your WordPress website traffic but some are not. You need to collect the right data so that you can judge if your review website goes well and figure out what the problem is that hinders your conversion rate.

I will tell you what kind of data you should collect and how to analyze.

1. Traffic/ Unique Visitors

This the most important criterion that can judge the effectiveness of your effort to draw visitors to your review sites. You get to know if you are doing the right marketing activities to attract traffic. If you are working very hard but there are few visitors, I suggest you change your approaches.

2. Page Views

This is an important criterion to judge if your website copies are properly written to draw your visitors attention or judge the visitors that come to your site are your targeted communities. If your having low page views, you need to figure out the causes. If your copy is improperly written or the visitors are not the targeted communities.

3. Backlinks

When you are working on creating backlinks, you need to keep track of them and find out which backlinks are effective to bring traffic to your WordPress review sites. Part of the traffic come from the backlinks.

4. SEO- Search Engine Optimization

If you are doing SEO to pull traffic to your review website, you need to track which keyword and which search engine bring traffic to your site. This will help you evaluate the effectiveness of the SEO.

The aforementioned criteria to analyze your WordPress review sites are just part of the most important data that you need to know. If you want to analyze your website in details you will need to learn more about affiliate marketing.


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