WEB 2.0 and Social Media – 3 Key Areas to Focus on For Success


Defining WEB 2.0 as a series of building blocks is not really possible. However, it is possible to point to some common factors that exist across most of the new web’s “virtual holdings”.

Here are three key features to WEB 2.0. These are perhaps the most important for someone looking to market their own ideas on the web. These methods are ones that you, as an end user, can utilize to get your message across more effectively.

1 – Tags. Think of these like keywords. Words that a search engine will get hold of and use to understand what a particular web page is all about. Tags are vital. A mis-match between tags and content can be a disaster!

2 – Collaboration. Getting together either on a simple topic, or working as a team solving a problem. Collaboration is a key factor of the internet now. Increased bandwidth and more stable connections have helped, but the software applications that allow for one website to have many contributors organised in a cohesive structure working towards the same goal is now very widespread. Even to the extent of “user generated content” for your own micro sites.

3 – Syndication. If your message is good, clear and unique, then others may want to spread your word for you. Simple content platforms such as WordPress offer one button press syndication.

A great benefit for both the original author, who sees his message spread to a wider audience. And the syndicator themselves who benefits “by proxy” by having this much sought after information on their site or domain.

Of course WEB 2.0 has helped to increase the number of people on the internet by a huge amount.Finding a stream on internet traffic is now relatively easy.

The hard task is convincing them that your own message is one they should spend their time listening to.


Source by Jerome S Clarke

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